Sound Design and Production Studio providing music, effects, voice-over and narration for your web, mobile, radio or video production, game or advertisement.

22.09.10 - Don't Laugh

This is the first in a series of eight TERRIBLE jokes to promote new game Don't Laugh. Jingle, voice and "B-dum tish!" by us.

12.04.10 - Dead Head

Animated trailer for Rosemary Harris's new mystery novel, "Dead Head".
Music by The Audio Mangle.

01.04.10 - Rights for Interns

A musical animation made for the TUC by WillFlashForCash to raise awareness of the raw deal that some interns face. Please see the Rights for Interns website if you'd like to know more.

11.07.09 - Twisted Thinking

3D animation promoting the Rubiks 360 puzzle. Song written, performed and produced by us. This video is no longer available.