Sound Design and Production Studio providing music, effects, voice-over and narration for your web, mobile, radio or video production, game or advertisement.

27.10.13 - George Osborne's Austerity Ninja

Slash benefits, not your friends, with George Osborne's Austerity Ninja! Made by usvsth3m; Audio Mangle music and sound effects.

11.09.13 - Spotamo

Voicemail and phone menu option recordings for discount-sharing app Spotamo.

11.12.12 - The Best of TV and Movies

Our song on the promotional animation for Drumond Park's latest quiz game, The Best of TV and Movies. For more info, visit the game website.

08.12.12 - Deadstone Valley

Sound effects for the graveyard animation in "Build a Body Workshop" for Deadstone Valley by HGL games.